NOFA FY17 Competition and Information

7/14 – The NOFA for the Continuum of Care funding is now available, please see the grant information here: NOFA FY17

8/28 – The Final Project Listing for HUD FY2017 CoC Competition is now available, please see the Final Listing here: WI-501 Milwaukee City & County Continuum of Care (CoC) Final Project Listing for HUD FY2017 CoC Competion

9/26 – The FY2017 Application has been submitted to HUD for the Milwaukee CoC, please click HERE for the FY2017 Priority Listing Application and HERE for the FY 2017 CoC Application.

FY 2017 NOFA Submission, Milwaukee CoC Timeline

Due Date   Status – Activity and Items Needed

7/13/17         Provider Advisory Committee Meeting on System Performance & NOFA items

7/28/17        All Renewal and Reallocation applications to go out: Please click on the name of the form you need: 2017 Intent to Apply Renewal, 2017 Intent to Self-Reallocate

8/2/17          MANDATORY: All “intent to apply” applications due by 5:00 PM to Lead Agency, City of Milwaukee.

8/10/17        MANDATORY: Provider Advisory Committee Meeting, Discussion of Bonus.  2017 Intent to Apply New Bonus Project.

8/11/17         MANDATORY: All Applications to be uploaded into eSNAPS.  CLICK HERE for a resource guide for applications provided by HUD.

8/14/17         PHA letters due to CDGA

8/18/17         Complete the scoring and ranking of renewal, reallocation, and bonus projects.  The Milwaukee CoC FY17 Scoring Tool can be found HERE

8/23/17         Board of Directors Special Meeting for NOFA

8/28/17         Public Notice on FINAL Project Ranking/Listing via CoC website and list serve.  Grant Compliance Manager to send agencies individual scores via e-mail – HUD deadline.
Lead Agency staff to send notification letters to applicants of whether their project applications will be accepted and ranked on the CoC Priority Listing, rejected, or
reduced by  the  CoC, indicating reason(s) for rejection or reduction.

8/31/17         CDGA provide all final eSNAPS feedback to project applicants

9/7/17           All eSNAPS applications FINAL

9/25/17         CoC website posting of all parts of the CoC Consolidated Application, newspaper notice, and listserve notice

9/26/17         Submission of CoC FY17 Application to HUD

9/28/17         HUD Deadline for Application Submission via eSNAPS

12/31/17        HUD Deadline for Renewal Projects’ Executed Grant Agreement

Should you like to request accommodations to review the CoC Application and/or the CoC Priority Listing due to a disability or limited English proficiency, please contact Rafael Acevedo at ph: (414) 286-5548, email; or Claire Shanahan at ph: (414) 286-8199, email