Milwaukee Continuum of Care Lead Agency

The City of Milwaukee is the designated lead agency for the WI 501- Milwaukee City and County Continuum of Care. As the lead agency, The City of Milwaukee is responsible for: staffing CoC committees, produce planning materials, coordinate needs/gaps assessments, collect and report performance data, monitor program performance; with executed Memorandum of Understanding agreement (MOU), coordinate resources, integrate activities and facilitate collaboration, prepare collaborative application for CoC funds, media point of contact, maintain CoC website, enter into all contracts and MOU’s on behalf of the CoC and monitors performance under these contracts.

Contact Information:
Steven L. Mahan, Director, The City of Milwaukee – Community Development Grants Administration
200 E. Wells Street – Room #606
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Rafael Acevedo, Continuum of Care Contact, Grant Compliance Manager – Community Development Grants Administration
200 E. Wells Street – Room #606
Milwaukee, WI 53202

A visual of the re-structure can be found here: Structure Organization of Mke CoC


**The CoC Governance Charter is currently in revision.**
The Milwaukee CoC encourages an open invitation process. Current invitation methods are: announcements at CoC or work group meetings, newspapers, public inquiries, letters/emails to CoC lead agency for membership, and outreach to organizations/faith-based groups.

In addition, the Continuum will continue to increase membership with new partners. In particular, it will work to expand partnerships with private sector entities, as well as with non-profit housing development organizations to include entities with expertise in developing, operating and maintaining permanent housing for persons with disabilities, chronically homeless and veterans, especially individuals with mental illness and families.

Executive Board

In total, there are 25 seats on the CoC Executive Board; not less than 19 and not more than 25 seats. Terms are for three years. Existing representatives may be designated for successive terms, at the will of the respective Board member organization. The CoC Executive Board is the lead decision-making body responsible for planning for the use of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HEARTH Act CoC resources and coordinating these funds with other relevant resources in the jurisdiction.

Milwaukee Continuum of Care Executive Board Roster 2015 

 Provider Advisory Group
The  Provider Advisory Group is comprised of members from the CoC. It is convened to facilitate service delivery among providers, provide input to the Executive Board on funding and service delivery issues, and to help in the resolution of service delivery issues that may arise at the local, state or federal levels.
Milwaukee Continuum of Care PAG Roster 2015