NOFA FY15 Competition and Information

Please click here for access to the Milwaukee CoC submission for the FY15 NOFA Competition along with the Milwaukee CoC Consultant’s NOFA Digest. 


11/23 Thank you to everyone who participated in the NOFA. The Competition is now closed.

Please view the Collaborative and Priority Listing Applications here:
NOFA CoC Application FY-2015    NOFA CoC Priority Listing Application FY-2015

11/19 PLEASE NOTE: The Milwaukee Continuum of Care FY Project Listing can be found here:Copy of FY2015 Milwaukee CoC Project Listing and Ranking

11/18 PLEASE NOTE: The Milwaukee Continuum of Care FY Ranking and Scoring document can be found here: FY 2015 NOFA Ranking Scoring Selection Process 

PLEASE NOTE: The Milwaukee Continuum of Care FY2015 Accepted NOFA Project Listing can be found here:  2015 Milwaukee CoC NOFA Final List of Projects


The HUD Notice of Funding Available for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Continuum of Care Program Competition has been posted to the HUD Exchange. The FY 2015 CoC Consolidated Application and Project Applications are now available in e-snaps. Click here for the NOFA.

FY 2015 NOFA Submission Timeline External

2015 NOFA Criteria

PLEASE BE ADVISEDThe due date for Reallocation and Bonus Intent to Apply forms have been extended to October 5th at 10am.

PLEASE NOTE AS WELL: There is an additional $28, 816 available through reallocation of The Salvation Army’s SSO project. Please use the same Reallocation Intent to Apply form if interested in applying. This amount combined with the $110,033 can be utilized in reallocation. This total available for reallocation is $138,849.

REVISED Intent to Apply Forms:

2015 Intent to Apply Renewal;
2015 New Project-Reallocation- Intent to Apply;
2015 New Project Intent to Apply BONUS