NOFA FY14 Competition and Information

2FY 2014 Funding Award Announcement
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This application is now CLOSED.
FY14 Application:

A PDF copy of the FY14 Application, submitted on Thursday, October 30th, is available here.

Project Priority Listing:

Collaborative Applicants are required to notify all project applicants before the application deadline regarding whether their project applications would be included as part of the CoC Consolidated Application submission. Please follow the link below for a list and ranking of projects to be included in the FY2014 CoC Application submission.


FY2014 Consolidated Application Project Listing

FY2014 Project Listing and Funding Analysis

FY2014 Scoring & Ranking Tool:

The FY 2014 Scoring & Ranking Tool can be accessed here.

Intent to Apply:

For the FY2014 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) released through HUD, the Milwaukee CoC is requesting interested agencies to register their “renewal” CoC project, or interest in receiving “new” CoC funds for Permanent Supportive Housing or Rapid-Rehousing. Projects will be accepted as new through reallocation or through the Bonus competition. Please refer to the CoC FY14 NOFA for detailed project requirements. The NOFA can be read at: 

The deadline for submitting your “Intent to Apply” is Monday, September 29th, 2014. All correspondence should be sent to Jennifer Frey (via email or regular mail – must be postmarked before end of business). Please send to: Jennifer Frey, 200 E Wells Street, Room 606, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

Form – CoC Project Renewals
2014 Intent to Apply – RENEWAL Projects 

Form – Coc New Projects
2014 Intent to Apply – NEW Projects

Form – CoC New Projects – Reallocation

 2014 Intent to Apply – Pre-Application for New Reallocation Funds 

External Timeline for FY14 NOFA submission and local deadlines

CoC’s must submit a FY2014 Registration to HUD by 7:59:59 PM ET on August 6th, 2014.

FY 2014 Notice of Funding Availability

On September 16th, 2014, HUD released the Continuum of Care NOFA. CoCs must submit the application to HUD by 7:59:59 PM EST on October 30th, 2014.