Workgroups & Meetings

Member Organizations
With over 100 members comprised of individuals and organizations, the Milwaukee Continuum of Care has strength in diversity and breadth of participation. Members include shelters, transitional housing, individual consumers, permanent supportive housing, advocacy organizations, higher education institutions, local government, the public school system, faith-based institutions, domestic violence shelters, foundations, and private entities.

The Milwaukee Continuum of Care – Standing Committees:
The Continuum of Care is comprised of several volunteer committees and networking/task groups which have various roles and responsibilities. These committees/groups include:

Point in Time Workgroup: The PIT workgroup plans for the Point in Time Surveys.  To date, the Work Group has conducted a thorough review of the 2011 Point in Time survey instrument which resulted in several critical modifications to more accurately assess disability status, assessed the adequacy of the 2011 coverage and outreach strategy to identify specific ways to enhance both in 2012/2013 and developed a preliminary volunteer interviewer recruitment and training plan. The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee assists in the final data analysis for the PIT.

Shelter and Transitional Housing Task Force: The Shelter and Transitional Housing Task Force (STTF) is a committee of the CoC; it functions as the planning and coordination entity for Milwaukee’s shelter and transitional housing system. In that capacity, the STF acts on behalf of the full CoC to study, evaluate, and recommend solutions to immediate and longer term system front door issues including: planning related to inter-county public mental health service delivery, implementation of a central access system for emergency services, and program development related to joint funding applications for ESG, HPRP, and other local and state funding. The STF also represents the primary mechanism by which compliance with HMIS and Point in Time is assured at the project level.

Funding Opportunity Workgroup: This committee is responsible for overseeing the project selection processes; specifically, public announcement of the funding opportunity, solicitation of letters of interest, development of the application format and scoring instrument, oral presentations, application scoring, project ranking, and bonus project selection. Review process includes examination of applicant(s) organizational capability, housing project specifications, supportive services, participant recruitment, and budget; extent of housing emphasis and chronically homeless service are also assessed. Committee recommendation is provided to the Executive Board for review and approval. This committee is a part of the Provider Advisory Group committee and convenes when called upon by the Lead Agency.

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and Coordinated Entry (CE) are two additonal standing work groups. Information related to these two work groups can be found on individual tabs at the top of the page.